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Person painting wall

Downtown Streator Developer, “Look That Building Is Crumbling Let’s Put A Painting Over It!”

October 15th, 2017

STREATOR, IL – As more buildings fall into disrepair in downtown Streator, the city has come up with a genius plan of covering the buildings in paintings, solving all structural issues for good.

“It’s much too expensive to repair these buildings, that is why we’ve chosen to cover them in paintings.” Steve Righton told The Cob.

“Some of the paintings actually help in holding the buildings together. It was a side effect we didn’t expect, but nonetheless, it helps.” He continued.

As far as how many murals the downtown will see being put up in the coming months, Steve said, “The entire downtown will be a giant mural.”

Some city officials criticized the effort saying that the downtown will eventually resemble Disney World with fake stores and costumed store owners.


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