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Burgoo Shoe

Fact: Each Year an Average of 5 People Fall into the Burgoo Stew Never to be Seen Again

October 7th, 2019

UTICA, IL – As Utica readies for their 50th Burgoo Festival, little known facts have been coming to light about the festival including that on average 5 people fall into the Burgoo Stew vats yearly never to be seen again – it’s also what it gives it it’s signature spice.

“Yep, you lean over one of these things too far…and bam! you’re a goner.” Frank Right, event organizer, told The Cob.

“It’s an extremely dangerous job and we even have a union dedicated to our safety and benefits, Local Burgoo Stew Stirrers 543.”

“I knew a guy, lost his concentration, fell right in. This stuff is so hearty it just disolved him instantly.” Mr. Right concluded.

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