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Gas Leak

Gas Line Struck In Ottawa Discovered To Be Coming From Taco Bell

July 31st, 2018

OTTAWA, IL – An early morning gas leak in Ottawa led authorities to trace out a pipe coming directly from Ottawa’s Taco Bell. The pipe believed to be full of methane and other bodily gasses was previously unknown to the construction crew.

“We’ve never seen anything like this.” Stated Project Coordinator Nate Dookin. “It was just a long pipe extending all the way out past the interstate and going directly into the Taco Bell bathroom on Ottawa’s Northside.”

“Although not particularly dangerous the smell would have crippled the town for months.” Nate continued.

“I always thought there was a smell of burnt bean burritos coming from the canal.” A local told The Cob Monday Morning.

As for the effort to stop the leak, Mr. Dookin stated, “It was a great all-around response and we hope to move the pipe to deposit into the Fox River in the future.”


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