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Gluten-Free Vegetarian Claims Discrimination At Local Oktoberfest

October 1st, 2016

OTTAWA, IL – With the changing of the seasons so comes the wonderful time of year when beer and bratwurst parties dot the landscapes and all is well. Except this year controversy is brewing after a local gluten-free vegetarian activist has discovered Oktoberfests are not the culinary inclusive gatherings she had imagined.

Amanda Dittering a local Ottawa resident took to social media to complain about the festivities taking place in Ottawa’s downtown business district late last week.

“Oktoberfest is all about eating animals and drinking gluten. I think it should be more inclusive. We need tofu, raw and gluten-free options for everyone. I went to it and had to leave. I couldn’t handle being around it.” Amanda wrote Friday night.

“Beer is just so yucky anyway.” Amanda continued.

Amanda has started a petition to bring awareness to her discrimination. She has begun developing a lawsuit against the city, alleging discrimination based on food and drink choices.

Amanda’s thoughts continued on social media as well. “This experience was just too loud and people were having too much fun. My idea of fun is sitting quietly listening to nature and smelling the air.”

Depending on the result of the lawsuit brought forward, next years Oktoberfest maybe vastly different. The Cob advises all residents to enjoy it while it lasts.

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