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Google Maps Team Discovers Seneca Missing During Recent Update

July 4th, 2016

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA – An error discovered this week by California based software company Google has local Seneca residents asking the question, “What is Google maps?”.

A quick internet search reveals that Seneca is a small town along the Illinois river that is usually marked on maps somewhere between Marseilles and Morris, with its exact location unknown.

Google’s Maps development team found the error late last week and were unsure how long the town had been missing from the map. The team was confident that the error did not affect anyone searching for the small town. Google’s most recent statistics revealed it hadn’t been search for in years.

“We are sorry about this unfortunate error.” Stated Google’s CEO Larry Page. “In the rare instance that people are looking to find Seneca on a map and possibly go there, they may do so now.”

Since the error has been corrected, Seneca Mayor David Spicer, reported no new visitors. Upon being interviewed, he stated, “A few years back someone got lost driving to Morris. Our residents got prematurely excited when they saw a car make the turn down Main Street, but the car just turned around and left. There is always hope, someday…someone will come.”

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