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IVCC Student Endures Grueling Walk to Class After He Gets the Last Parking Spot on Campus

July 18th, 2016

OGLESBY, IL – Things went from bad to worst last semester when IVCC student David Johnson, already running late, showed up for his usual college classes. David arrived on campus at 10:00 am to find the Illinois Valley Community College parking lot was packed full leaving a lone space open at the very tip of lot four (seemingly a few 100 miles away). After carefully deciding not to illegally park in a handicapped spot or on the grass, he decided he would take his chances and walk, not knowing the fate he would endure.

“At first I thought it didn’t look too bad. Boy, was I wrong!” David stated.

David’s journey lasted a staggering 30 hours, requiring him to set up camp and sleep in the adjacent lot until the next day.

“By the time I arrived I was already a day late for class and it was Saturday. I know people think, ‘Why did he continue on after knowing he was missing his class?’ I really think it was integrity I started a journey and I knew I had to finish it.” David continued.

This fall semester David will be receiving the highest honor endowed on college students, the Junior College Dedication to Education ribbon (which David will have to return for next years winner).

“To all of you who thought about not walking into class, I say don’t listen to your inner voice, take the first step and enjoy the journey. I know I did.”

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