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Jay Cutler Tim Tebow

Jay Cutler Drafted As Bat Boy For Tim Tebow In Minor League Baseball

March 9th, 2017
jay cutler

CHICAGO, IL – After being released from the Chicago Bears on Thursday, Jay Cutler wasted no time in finding a new job as Tim Tebow’s bat boy in the minor leagues.

“I’ve always loved baseball and wanted to give it a shot, but I was informed that I must earn my way up. I guess that starts with me being the bat boy for Tim.” Jay told The Cob late Thursday evening.

“Baseball is a little different, you have to work your way higher and build skills in the lower levels, so I am starting at the lowest position and working my way up. Tim is cool, though.” Cutler continued.

“He treats me nice, I sometimes get to shag his fly balls. Mr. Tebow has really shown me the ropes so far.” Concluded Jay.

As for Tim, he simply told The Cob, “Jay needs work. A lot of work. But he could be good someday. Not in football or baseball, though. Maybe bowling. Don’t tell him I said that.”

As for now Jay is being paid $5/hour well below the minimum wage but allowed by Federal Law which has an exception horrible former NFL quarterbacks.

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