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Local Cubs Fan Keeps His Fandom Low Key

July 14th, 2016

LASALLE, IL – In a stunning show of self control and awareness a local LaSalle man has kept his Cub fandom relatively low key.

“I’ve seen plenty of Cubs fans dressed from head to toe in blue, white and red and I just don’t think it is necessary.” Said James Davidson of LaSalle, formerly of Chicago.

“The struggle has been tough throughout my life. My friends and family want to drag me into the fandom and I have to push back. It’s a daily struggle.” Davidson continued.

“Does it make me less of a fan if I don’t feel the need to annoy my friends and co-workers? Does it make me less of fan if I don’t hoist the W flag every night? Does it make me less of a fan if I don’t wear Cubs official MLB underwear unwashed until they win the world series? No. I don’t believe those things matter.” Davidson proclaimed.

As it remains The Cob has learned that James has yet to be declared and accepted as a true Cubs fan by the overly supportive base.

“When he chooses to interject his Cubs fandom and worship into every minuscule facet of his friends, relatives and total strangers lives…only then will he be welcome back as a true blue Cubs fan.” Remarked a local Cubs fanatic.

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