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Local Dad Not Living Through Kids

Local Dad Not Living Through His Kids Athletic Endeavors

August 15th, 2016

PRINCETON, IL – The Cob occasionally takes time to honor those we feel impact the community in a positive way. This week we are honoring George Anderson, of Princeton, for his efforts to encourage his children in a non-belligerent or clinically insane way.

Mr. Anderson has four kids, each child involved in their sport of choice from Little League to soccer and most activities in between.

While other parents have been known to brawl in the stands, George says he’s rarely ever been in a confrontation with another parent or referee.

“I usually cheer at a normal volume when it is warranted. Whether my kids do good or bad we still go for ice cream and talk about their day.” Stated George.

“I think the most important thing is good sportsmanship and maintaining good grades in all academics.” George continued.

“Most parents think their five-foot-nine son will grow up to be Lebron James. I know my kids are more likely to teach science or be an engineer when they grow up.” George finished.

George hasn’t always been this way, he told The Cob that after being tasered at a football game several years ago, he knew he had to change his ways and The Cob applauds him for that.

Here’s to hoping there are more parents out there following in George’s footsteps.

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