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Chicago bears

Local Man About To Lose A Tremendous Amount Of Money Gambling On The Bears

August 31st, 2017

GRAND RIDGE, IL – With his mortgage payment behind, his job search dwindling, and marriage in the drain, a local man, Tim Olivar, has only one hope left, betting on the Chicago Bears.

“The odds may not be the best, but I need a miracle.” Mr. Olivar told The Cob Thursday morning.

“One thing that’s never failed me is my Bears, except for all the times they didn’t win, they’ve been good to me.” Tim continued.

“You know what, as long as they beat the Packers, even if I lose all my money, it will be worth it to beat those cheddar heads.” Olivar continued.

“Every night I pray to the great Ditka above that my life will fall into place and the Bears will win the Super Bowl.” Mr. Olivar concluded.

As of the interview, Tim told The Cob he bet his life savings on the Bears making it to the playoffs. Money better invested in the lottery or those toy claw games.

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