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Toe Head man

Man Grows Toe On Forehead After Drinking Streator Water

August 2nd, 2019

STREATOR, IL – Streator officials have been warning locals about conserving and boiling water in the last few days, but a new concern has come to light as, Timothy J. Thumb, 33, of Streator has grown a giant toe on his forehead after drinking the water.

“It started out as an itcher on ma forehead.” Tim told The Cob.

“I woked up Wednesday and I have this giant toe growing out of my head. It had to be the water!” He continued.

“Yeah, it’s a real toe! Come check it out! Should I be in the circus?” Tim yelled to his neighbor, in the middle of the interview.

Officials say there is no need for concern and water should return to normal shortly. The Cob learned that Tim was missing his big toe on his left foot anyway, so he counts it as getting “one back”.

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