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Man wearing short shorts

Man Wears Shorts Too Early, Blinds Wife With Pale White Legs

February 20th, 2017

MORRIS, IL – Morris native, Jane Himptin, is recovering at home after an incident over the weekend in which her husband put on shorts too early in the year causing his pale white reflection to temporarily blind her.

“The last thing I remember was him saying that it was warm enough to wear shorts and he walked out of the bathroom, the sun hit his legs, and the lights went out for me.” Mrs. Himptin told The Cob.

Early Monday morning baffled Doctors stumbled over the details of the bizarre event, telling The Cob they haven’t seen a case like this in recent memory.

As for Mr. Himptin, he promised his wife that he would put the shorts away until it got closer to spring, stating, “I think she is just overreacting if I’m honest with you.”

Doctors told The Cob that they expect Jane’s vision to restored withing 2 to 3 weeks.

A public warning advisory has been released by the US Health Department warning of the dangers of pale white legs as we move into spring. When in doubt wear pants.

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