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Pabst Beer by River

Marseilles Reminds Citizens Pabst & Pall Malls only Legal Beer & Cigs Allowed in City Limits

August 22nd, 2019

MARSEILLES, IL – In an effort to keep yuppity vaping hipsters and craft beer drinkers out of town, the City of Marseilles is enforcing an ordinance only allowing Pall Malls and Pabst Blue Ribbon to be sold within its limits.

All businesses have until September 1st to remove all nonapproved beer and cigarettes from their stores to comply with the new ordinance.

After September 1st all people caught with nonapproved beer and cigarettes will be bused to downtown Ottawa’s downtown where they will be left permanently.

The city will be handing out Pabst and Pall Malls to people in an initiative to get the word out starting next Monday.

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