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Marseilles to Require Trucks to be Lifted Impractically High

July 13th, 2016

MARSEILLES, IL – The city of Marseilles has enacted an new ordinance requiring all truck owners entering or residing in the city to lift their trucks suspension high enough to render all beds practically useless.

“Everyone knows God made trucks for mudding and racing not hauling or moving things!”, said a local resident at the town hall meeting to discuss the ordinance.

“Trucks should be extremely difficult to get into and out of. That’s the country I believe in and hope it stays that way.” he continued.

There has been debate among the community around the term, “practically useless” as stated in the ordinance. Some believe truck beds should never be able to function as a device to transport or haul items. On the other side of the debate S10 and Ford Ranger owners fear that jacking up their smaller trucks will cause roll over incidents and spark laughter as they drive through town.

No matter the outcome you can expect to see mechanics waiting at the city limits lifting all trucks entering the city. “If they don’t want to jack up their trucks, they can turn right back around and head to the yuppie city in which they came.” stated Bob Miller a local mechanic.

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