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G-string butt

Matthiessen Park G-String Protest Hike Set For August 17th

August 13th, 2019

MATTHIESSEN STATE PARK – 58-year-old Robert McIntyre of Streator was caught wearing only a g-string at Matthiessen State Park last Thursday prompting a banning from the park by state officials which angered sympathizers and spurred them to organize a G-String protest hike for this Saturday at the park.

The 1st Annual “Suns Out Buns Out” hike will take place at the park to protest the harsh banning of a man only wishing to bare some cheeks in the hot sun.

“They can’t arrest us, it’s not illegal, and good luck banning us all.” Dave Truner told The Cob.

“It’s our American right to wear G-Strings to any park we wish!” He yelled.

Hike starts at noon with hotdogs and drinks at 1pm at the park.

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