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McDonald’s Removes Fitness Tracker from Happy Meals As It Tells Kids To Stop Eating At McDonald’s

August 20th, 2016

ILLINOIS – Last week Illinois McDonald’s restaurants had to scramble to remove a fitness tracker watch from their famous Happy Meals after it started instructing kids to stop eating at McDonald’s

What was touted as a health conscious move from McDonald’s quickly backfired leaving McDonald’s execs scrambling to remove the watch and keep kids coming back to the fast food chain.

“My child wore the watch for two days. He was active and eating well, it was encouraging.” Said local mother Sandra Martin.

“After school last Friday I took him to McDonald’s for dinner and when we were walking in the watch just started alarming at a high decibel. The alarm soon turned into a voice alarm shouting, TURN AROUND NOW, FATTY FOOD AHEAD.” Continued Sandra.

“At first I was thinking why is McDonald’s tracking my kids location and secondly has this fitness tracker gone rouge?” Sandra concluded.

Comments to The Cob have not been returned from McDonald’s Corporate.

In a press release McDonald’s stated, “The Happy Meal fitness tracker will return to meals when the software glitch is fixed.”

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