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Mendota striking teachers

Mendota Teachers Negotiating for 200% Yearly Raises After Discovering They are Required to Work in Mendota

October 21st, 2019

MENDOTA, IL – Salary negotiations have broken down between administrators and Mendota teachers after the teacher’s union discovered contracts require the teachers to work in Mendota.

“We read through the current contract and found out that it does indeed require the teachers to work in Mendota, those conditions are not ideal, so we’ll be asking for a substantial pay bump.” A Union Rep told The Cob.

“The teachers were not thrilled about it either, which led to discussions of the district being moved outside of Mendota altogether.”

“In the end, we did come to a conclusion to ask for more money, just because of the mental toll it will take on the teachers to be required to work in Mendota.” The Union Rep concluded.

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