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Kid Smoking

Mendota Votes to Lower Smoking Age to 12

August 6th, 2019

MENDOTA, IL – The city council of Mendota has not only voted to oppose the State of Illinois smoking law increase to 21 years of age, but in a tight vote they have dropped the age to 12 years old.

“When I was young I smoked. Look at me now, I’m a city council member of the great city of Mendota. I’m doing great. Living my best life.” Al Brock told The Cob Monday afternoon after the vote.

Lets be honest there’s nothing to do here. Kids are going to smoke, lets just not punish them for it.” He continued. “A little puff-puff doesn’t hurt them.”

“Most kids in Mendota are born with a wad of dip in their lips anyway so we’ll be pushing for lowering that age as well.” Mr. Brock concluded.

Look for the law to take affect in the fall.

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