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Miracle Corner: Local Woman Says, “I’m Too Full!”, Then Amazingly Eats Entire Plate & Dessert

January 8th, 2017

PERU, IL – Last week a miraculous event occurred when a local Peru resident, Kathy Grandster, claimed she was too full to eat any more food then scarfed down all her food, tasted her friend’s food, and ordered a dessert.

“She does that all the time. We go out, have a few drinks, talk for a while and two bites into her food she says she is full. Then she just eats it all, and when they come to ask about ordering dessert she gets dessert. How could she possibly be full?” Stated Kathy’s best friend Sarah Conrade.

Last week’s event took place at Jalapeno’s in Peru, when Kathy ordered the fajita dinner. After one corn shell stuffed fajita she claimed she was full but went on to eat from several friend’s plates.

When the time for dessert came, the story goes that she ordered a large deep fried ice cream and ate it all. Not sharing a bite.

“I’m not upset about it. Just don’t say you’re full if you’re not. It’s pretty simple, we’re friends, you don’t have to lie.” Concluded Sarah.

Most people know people like Kathy, but the question remains: Are they liars or miraculous cases? We may never know.

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