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Nancy Pelosi at a parade.

Nancy Pelosi Scares Kids Touring US Capitol ‒ Calls Them Tiny Leprechauns

March 7th, 2017

WASHINGTON DC – In what is being described as a scary and bizarre moment, staffers from the US Capitol Building reported Monday morning that Nancy Pelosi charged at children taking a tour of the facilities, calling them tiny leprechauns and chasing them down the hall.

“I was afraid. She had a crazy look in her eye. She kept yelling about a pot of gold and Donald Trump’s leprechauns.” Stated Mary Allen, 10 years old from Atlanta.

“The sign on her door said to not disturb the Nancy. I guess we just got too loud and she lost it.” Mary continued.

After the incident staffers were able to bring Representative Pelosi back to her room and rock her back to sleep. Comforting her by saying that Hillary was really the president.

“Our class is a little worked up, but Congressional Police Officers have assured us that the bad lady is locked up in her office.” Teacher Mrs. Colleen Ryan told The Cob.

As for Nancy this wasn’t the first time she has caused a stir in the Capitol Building, in 2012 she was seen chasing children with a broom yelling at them to get off her office lawn.

As for a doctor’s report, it simply states, “This condition is what happens when you are a politician for this long.”

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