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NFL To Replace Coin Toss With Water Bottle Flip To Draw More Millennials

October 3rd, 2016

UNITED STATES – Dwindling millennial viewership during NFL games this season, has led representatives to seek new ways to draw in the younger crowds. According to Samantha White, Vice-President of Marketing for the NFL, the hot trend of water bottle flipping will replace the coin toss for the remainder of the regular season games.

Inquiring further The Cob was able to to get the specific rules on how the bottle flipping will work.

From the official NFL rule book:

Team 1 flips water bottle, if bottle topples over team 2 receives next toss

Team 2 will flip the water bottle, if bottle topples the process will repeat

Any team that gets the bottle to stick the landing will automatically celebrate like screaming idiots

During the flip celebration one player is required to yell “Dude”, or continuously dab then Tebow kneel

Winners also may yell, “Harambe!”

NFL fans look for this exciting change to begin next Sunday.

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