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Man yelling Curb Check

Ottawa Hires Man to Yell “Curb Check!” When Drivers Get Close To Newly Installed Curbs

June 11th, 2017

OTTAWA, IL – With more and more protruding curbs being installed in downtown Ottawa, the city has taken steps to make sure that drivers realize that the curbs are there – jutting out into the road like a mother’s elbow in Sunday church.

“Well we went ahead and hired a guy to just sit there and yell at drivers about to smash into the curbs as they are driving around downtown.” Ottawa’s Streets and Roads Commissioner told The Cob.

“It was cheaper than notifying the public with signs. Plus we blew through our budget, all on curbs.” He continued.

As far as what will be said to passing motorists about to strike the curbs, The Cob was only able to uncover that the new city hire will yell, “CURB CHECK!” when he encounters an accident about to occur.

“Look for our new employee to start working next week.” The commissioner concluded.

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