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Ottawa Tornado Being Sued

Ottawa Tornado Victim Sues Tornado For $1 Million In Damages

May 22nd, 2017

OTTAWA, IL – Looking for quick cash following the February 28th tornado that struck Ottawa, some local residents are seeking any and all legal options they may have…including suing the tornado itself.

Ottawa resident Matthew Marton told The Cob, “We are just looking for some money for repairs, as we cannot pinpoint any fault, we met with our attorney and my wife and I will be suing the tornado.”

“What can I say, it was directly responsible for the destruction.” Matthew continued.

Under the lawsuit the Marton’s have requested the right of access to any tornado damage within state limits. Their hope is that the tornado sweeps up money and drops it in debris thus allowing them to claim it.

“When it drops that money, it is ours. We have a right to that money.” Mr. Marton concluded.

As of Monday morning the Tornado has not responded to the lawsuit.

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