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High dog

Peru PetSmart Given Green Light to Sell Recreational Marijuana to your Pets

September 11th, 2019

PERU, IL – If your Snoop Doggy Dog is looking to unwind a little, he is now in luck. PetSmart in Peru was approved by the city to sell recreational marijuana to pets starting next month.

“Little edibles are the most popular choice.” A rep told The Cob.

“But we have hookahs and if your pet prefers… doggy bongs as well. Whatever way they want to enjoy their freedom to blaze one up we will be accommodating our four-legged friends.”

“We have special dog varieties with unique names, sniff-sniff-tush-tush, rastadogian, and higherhydrant.” The rep informed The Cob.

Look for pets to be lighting up October 1st.

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