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Starved Rock Startups looks to Start Up Again in Streator Incubator

July 13th, 2016

STREATOR, IL – In a strange and unexpected move this week Starved Rock Startups have announced their plans to “startup” in the Streator Incubator. This move is contradictory to reports of Starved Rock Startups closing, which was announced in June.

The model which seems odd will be a startup within a startup, helping startup companies. “When you really think about it we’ve gone three levels deep in startups.” Stated the Director of Starved Rock Startups.

This news comes on the heels of recent news and research finding that – nobody really knows how a startup business development facility really makes money. Research into the economic viability of any such business is ongoing and inconclusive, but the word “Startup” is perceived as trendy and modern, that research has been proven.

When asked about the prospect of the Incubator falling into the same fate as Starved Rock Startups, the director had these words. “Well, if needed we will just merge with another incubator or startup facility confusing the process even further.”

Are you confused? Probably. Startup. Incubate. What do I do with my hands?

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