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Streator Robber in Front of Wal-Mart

Stolen Electronics Returned To Streator Wal-Mart Denied Without Receipt

February 14th, 2017

STREATOR, IL – Over the weekend a brazen group of criminals robbed the Streator Wal-Mart only to later regret wasting a felony crime charge on cheap Chinese made electronic garbage. This, in turn, prompted an attempt by the thieves to return the items to the store to no avail.

“We had a few people come in on Monday trying to return items. I alerted my management, but protocol is that without a receipt we cannot accept any returns.” Amy Snittle, a Wal-Mart associate told The Cob.

“They [the alleged criminals] seemed pretty upset, but a policy is a policy and I cannot accept items without a receipt. They should have thought about that before they robbed the store. Now they’re stuck with that stuff.” Ms. Snittle continued.

When asked why they couldn’t take the stolen goods back, Snittle replied, “Not my problem!” then walked away.

After forgetting to alert police during the return effort, Streator Police report the criminals are still on the loose.

If you have information regarding last weekend’s robberies, email

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