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Christmas lights

Streator Police Warn “Light Up Streator Means Christmas Lights, Not Weed…It’s Not Legal Yet!”

December 3rd, 2019

STREATOR, IL – Officials have warned Streator residents that “Light Up Streator” has nothing to do with lighting up drugs in the city park, but rather lighting up the Christmas lights in the park following confusion over the weekend.

“We had a big group of stoners out in the park getting ready to light up a huge joint and we had to make it clear this was only for Christmas lights.” A local Cop told The Cob.

“That will be legal after the first of the year, not now though. Plus this was a family event.”

“After we tossed a few Doritos in the road they ran after them and let everything be.” He concluded.

It also helped that the light-up event was delayed this year, look for “Light Up Streator” to happen soon, and remember don’t light up until December 1st!

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