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Streator Water Fountain

Streator to Install Drinking Fountains at City Parks that Dispense Alcohol (Claim it’s Safer than the Water)

August 15th, 2019

STREATOR, IL – After several Streator citizens asked the city to expand the number of parks that were permitted to have alcohol last week, a motion was approved to install drinking fountains that dispurse beer, vodka and wine.

“We haven’t had a great history of providing clean drinking water to our community, so when the request came about we decided to just move forward with having alcohol come directly out of our drinking fountains.” A city rep told The Cob.

“Each fountain will be color-coded so you know what it dispenses, brown for beer, red for wine, and white for vodka.” The city rep clarified.

“Water fountains should be converted by next spring.” He concluded.

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