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Facebook Advice Sucks

Study Finds 100% Of People That Ask For Advice On Facebook Never Intend To Take Advice

July 13th, 2017
Social Media

UNITED STATES – A new study out of the University of Illinois has revealed a somewhat unsurprising fact, that 100% of people asking for Facebook advice never intend to utilize such advice.

“I was just bored.” Kim Martin told The Cob Wednesday afternoon.

“I already knew that I was going to a new hair stylist, but I just wanted to ask people their opinion so I could reply condescendingly to their answers and validate myself.” She continued.

“It really makes me feel good to know I am better than most people and I make great decisions without their help. How would they know how smart I am without asking first for others opinions?” Mrs. Martin explained.

“Do I intend to take advice. No. No, I don’t. So yes, I think that study is right.” She concluded.

The Cob would advise all Facebook users to never respond to people asking for advice…that is what Google is for.

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