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Swear Kid

Study Finds 93% Of Children In Illinois Valley Learn Curse Words From Graffitied Playground Equipment

May 14th, 2018

STREATOR, IL – Spend any time at a playground in the Illinois Valley and chances are your kid will utter the words every parent dreads, “Mommy what does call for a good time mean?”

Whether it is a crude drawing or explicit vulgarity, kids in Central Illinois are learning from a young age a variety of curse words seen etched on playground equipment they frequent. All data according to a new study released by Child Services of Greater Illinois.

“I really didn’t think about it too much, I figured she just learned how to read. So she wouldn’t pick up on the words.” Mary Runas told The Cob Monday.

“But the next thing I heard was my daughter’s sweet voice yelling, DAVE LIKES BIG BUTTS, DAVE LIKES BIG BUTTS!”

“Undoubtedly embarrassed I questioned her to only find out that it was written all over the playground slide.” Mary concluded.

Area police have been questioned about the markings on the playground equipment but nothing seemingly can be done. As one cop told The Cob, “Maybe Dave really does like big butts…”

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