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Guy wearing headphones

Panhandler With iPhone 7 & Beats Headphones Barely Scraping By

August 28th, 2017

LASALLE, IL – The Cob reporters spoke to John Barry last week, John has fallen on hard times and now panhandles in area towns while wearing his new Beats Headphones and live streaming on his iPhone 7. “I’ve fallen on some harder times.” John told The Cob as he got into his 2016 BMW convertible. […]

Local Man Donates 5 Year Old Can Of Beans Set To Expire Monday To Local Shelter

December 10th, 2016

OTTAWA, IL – In a show of ultimate compassion and selflessness an Ottawa man gave a 5 year old can of beans which was set to expire Monday, to the local homeless shelter. The Ottawa native, Brian Gosner, said Friday that he was doing his part to help out the community. “There are people in […]