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Couple Halloween

Take Note: Facebook Bans Couples Halloween Costume Photos

October 29th, 2017

SILICON VALLEY, CALIFORNIA – In a surprising well-received move, Facebook has now banned all pictures of couples dressed up in their Halloween costumes – singles photos are fine. The move came amid a torrent of photos of couples dressed up in costumes they deemed funny while the Facebook community in it’s entirety deemed them annoying […]

Facebook Advice Sucks

Study Finds 100% Of People That Ask For Advice On Facebook Never Intend To Take Advice

July 13th, 2017
Social Media

UNITED STATES – A new study out of the University of Illinois has revealed a somewhat unsurprising fact, that 100% of people asking for Facebook advice never intend to utilize such advice. “I was just bored.” Kim Martin told The Cob Wednesday afternoon. “I already knew that I was going to a new hair stylist, […]