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Couple Halloween

Take Note: Facebook Bans Couples Halloween Costume Photos

October 29th, 2017

SILICON VALLEY, CALIFORNIA – In a surprising well-received move, Facebook has now banned all pictures of couples dressed up in their Halloween costumes – singles photos are fine.

The move came amid a torrent of photos of couples dressed up in costumes they deemed funny while the Facebook community in it’s entirety deemed them annoying and unfunny.

The ban will remain in place until November 4th when Facebook will lift the yearly tradition.

If you happen to see a couple post a Facebook picture with themselves dressed up in a themed costume, please copy this notice in the picture.

Facebook put out a list of unacceptable costumes for those wondering what qualifies.

A hunter and a deer

Santa and a Reindeer

A hot dog and bun

Bikini inspector and bikini

A pair of boobs


Harvey Weinstein and a Potted Plant

Cowboy and Indian Slave

Old people

Any emojis

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