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Protest in the Illinois Valley

The Cob Compiles A List Of Protest Opportunities For The Illinois Valley

February 25th, 2017

ILLINOIS VALLEY – As the year continues and protests break out across the country, many readers of The Cob have been wondering what opportunities they have to protest in the Illinois Valley. We rounded up a list of protests you should enjoy.

Tuesday, February 28th – Protest JCPenney Closing – Meet at the Peru Mall and bring your coupons to get one last final sale.

Saturday, March 18th – Protest the end of serving Shamrock Shakes at McDonald’s. Also stick around for a McRib protest following.

Saturday, April 1st – Protest nothing just to mess with people on April Fools Day. Meet up at 8 am to create horrible signs that look like a 1st grader wrote them.

Friday, April 18th – Protest taxes by having them submitted on or before this date. Ultimate insubordination. File any way you see fit.

Thursday, June 1st – Protest being out of shape and blame everyone but yourself. Meet at local gyms to shame those that are fit and active.

Wednesday, June 28th – Protest craft beer – “Everyone is sick of hearing about craft beer and your home brewing”. Meet at any bar.

Remember to protest peacefully and have fun! Love The Cob.

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