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Heat Causes Corn to Pop in Fields

July 25th, 2016

NORTHERN ILLINOIS – High humidity and raging heat has caused many corn fields in Northern Illinois to start popping under the pressure. Humidity in Northern Illinois hit record levels last week as temperatures soared, pushing heat indexes well into the 100 degree mark.

Many Illinoisans couldn’t believe their eyes as they drove past fields riddled with popped corn all along the ground from Route 23 to Interstate 39 and beyond.

“I’ve lived here for 60 years and have never seen anything like this.” Stated a local Mendota resident, Tim Anderson.

“It’s strange, but it is good, could use some butter though.” He continued as he munched on some popcorn.

As farmers scramble to save crops, local meteorologists are looking at the data to see just how these conditions came to be.

“The conditions must have just been perfect for the corn to pop like it did.” Tom Skilling, WGN Channel 9, reported on Saturday evening.

However this happened be sure to get outside and enjoy some fresh popcorn today. Make sure to bring butter though.

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