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Guy with a man bun

The Man Bun Emerges From Hibernation As Warm Temps Push Into Illinois

February 19th, 2017
Man Bun

DOWNTOWN OTTAWA, IL – Warm temperatures blanketed the Illinois Valley over the weekend and early sightings of man buns have been reported throughout the downtowns of several area towns and trendy restaurants.

“Usually this hair trend stays dormant until around April or May when the bun usually emerges from hibernation and makes its first appearance.” Stated Sarah Smith, a local Beautician and nature expert.

“This year we are seeing a strong El Nino causing a rift in the natural cycle of the man bun. This prompted the early arrival of the bun.” She reported to The Cob.

“It’s important to remember that we are not through with winter yet and the man bun will most likely retreat when the temperatures cool back off.” Mrs. Smith concluded.

The Cob learned that even though the arrival of the man bun looks voluntary, this condition is totally involuntary as the wearer has no ability to change hairstyles once the man bun makes its appearance.

For those seeking assistance with a man bun removal, please call 1-555-MAN-BUN1 for emergency help.

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