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Top 10 DNC Email Passwords Exposed

July 25th, 2016

PHILADELPHIA, PA – The Democratic Party has been engulfed in several email related scandals as of recent. From Hillary’s private server to the latest revelation that the Democratic National Convention conspired to work against Bernie Sanders, the Democrats have had some real technical difficulties when it comes to email security.

“I regret not having a stronger password.” Said DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz. “I hope to be appointed to Hillary’s task force already named, Stronger Passwords for Dumb Email Users Committee, when she becomes president.” Debbie continued.

The Cob was able to retrieve a list of DNC email passwords, which we believe are easily guessable and contributed to the security breach.

1. 1234

2. 0000

3. H1ll3ery

4. Password

5. ScAmB3rnie

6. GeorgeBushsF@ult

7. Trump$_A_ra$$ist


9. UnHack@ble

10. BL@mE_the_NRA

Despite these breaches The Cob has learned that the Democrat Party still believe that email is a secure way of sending all types of information. Most DNC representatives include their social security number, credit card pin number and blood type right in their email signatures.

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