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Woman thinking about boxers

Woman Wishes Underwear Thief Would Steal Husbands Gross Boxers

October 8th, 2017

ILLINOIS VALLEY – After a string of panty theft home invasions hit her neighborhood last week, Ottawa native, Jill Kroon had one question for herself, “Why can’t they steal my husband’s rotting old boxers instead?”.

Jill took to social media Saturday afternoon urging someone to step up and start stealing boxers instead of panties.

“I try to throw them away and I put them in the trash, then next thing I know they are in his drawer again,” Jill told The Cob.

“They have a hole right down the middle seam. It’s really disgusting.” She reported.

As for her husband Larry, he says, “It’s freedom baby! Easy access. When it fits in all the right places you know. Plus they’re kind of breezy and let the sweat out. Woooo!”

So far nobody has stepped up and stolen Larry’s boxers.


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