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You Can Still Complain if You Don’t Vote, Legally

August 14th, 2016

SPRINGFIELD, IL – With the general election just a few months away, The Cob took some time to investigate the popular claim that if you don’t vote you cannot complain.

Once thought to be a legitimate law by the general public, The Cob was able to confirm that citizens still retain their First Amendment rights if they do not vote according to State Rep Adam Kinzinger.

“As far as I know there has been no amendment to the State or Federal Constitution barring complaining for non-voters.” Kinzinger stated as he spoke at the state capital.

“Who are you and how did you get in here?” He continued.

Researching further The Cob was unable to uncover any legislation proposing such a ban in Illinois history.

In our view, complaining has been a right for Americans since the birth of the nation, from coast to coast and mountain to valley.

Never forget despite what you are told, you are free to complain…even if you don’t vote.

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