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Zoomed In Wacky Portrait Photos Make Columnist More Relatable New Study Finds

January 28th, 2017

SMALL TOWN NEWSPAPERS – When it comes to opinion columnists, a new study has discovered that zoomed in portrait photographs help people more closely relate to the author than previously thought.

The study out of Joliet Junior College found that the more zany or wacky the picture was the better.

“Look confused, silly, happy, unsure or afraid in your opinion columnist picture and you’ve just become more relatable!” Stated research head Cristy Zore.

“When you write an opinion piece for a small town newspaper you just want to be accepted and not taken too serious. Our study found that the shoulders up is the perfect photo for these articles. Most people don’t even need to wear pants for the photos. It’s actually really convenient.” Cristy continued.

“Other places have tried other types of photos, but they usually fail. This type of photo stuns readers. They are expecting a business photo, but then they see the person acting silly and they can instantly relate and accept their opinion 100% as truth.” Mrs. Zore concluded.

So next time you read an opinion piece be sure to look for the photo or don’t believe a word they say.

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