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flaming truck

Mediacom Brings New Smokin’ Fast Internet Speeds To Ottawa

May 17th, 2018
OTTAWA, IL – If you were looking for faster internet in the Illinois Valley, you are in luck with Mediacom’s new Flaming Hot Truck Package. New and proprietary technology now enables the cable giant, Mediacom, to set their trucks on fire in residential neighborhoods and in return inject power into the cable lines thus increasing […]
Swear Kid

Study Finds 93% Of Children In Illinois Valley Learn Curse Words From Graffitied Playground Equipment

May 14th, 2018
STREATOR, IL – Spend any time at a playground in the Illinois Valley and chances are your kid will utter the words every parent dreads, “Mommy what does call for a good time mean?” Whether it is a crude drawing or explicit vulgarity, kids in Central Illinois are learning from a young age a variety […]

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