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Pumpkin Spice Communion

Churches Introduce Pumpkin Spice Communion Wafers

September 17th, 2016

UNITED STATES – Several area churches have jumped on the seasonal bandwagon this fall by introducing pumpkin spice communion wafers for the enjoyment of their congregations.

Denominations from Baptists to Catholics and everything in between have began adding the flavorful spice to the wafers prior to the communion services.

Local Pastor John Donmark believes this new wafer option could be a hit for his church. “I for one love pumpkin spice and it is in everything this time of year, it may as well be in our communion wafers.” He stated after Sunday service.

For others though, the thought of pumpkin spice at church service is a disgusting addition. “I hope they keep some regular wafers, because if I have to eat another pumpkin spice flavored anything, I’m going to be violently sick.” Stated a lady hastily making her way to her car Sunday afternoon.

Only time will tell how the newest seasonal flavor goes over. Until then enjoy the plain wafers while you can.

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